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Apple, we need your standard here!

Submitted by ezybzy on

I've posted a complaining about Macintosh hardware claiming issue at (login required). One response from there said,

บริการแย่ เรื่องมากแบบนี้ ส่วนใหญ่แนะนำขายทิ้งครับ....แล้วซื้อยี่ห้ออื่นใช้

เป็นผมซื้อมาแล้ว ไม่พอใจ เคลมยาก วุ่นวาย ขายทิ้ง ซื้อใหม่ แล้ว ก็ ขึ้นบัญชีดำไว้ ว่า ยี่ห้อนี้ ผมจะเลิกใช้ และจะไม่แนะนำใครใช้ตลอดชีวิต

In translation: I won't recommend everybody to buy a bad services and many issues product. If it is possible, I will sell it and create a whole life blacklist for that product.

If I say, this guy is a staff in one of Apple Authorized Reseller, do you believe me? I know him. He is every fair person. If a thing is good, he says good. If the thing is bad, he says bad even product he has sold.

Apple, we (Thailand) are not your mainstream country, right? Thailand has a small share in your whole sale but it grows quickly, isn't it? (I see it from an expansion of Macintosh related-shops.) A lot of people interest your Intel Macintosh product. (Yes, I am one of switchers.) I really trust in your product from your past fame. Your brand is so strong, everyone who use Macintosh says that it is high quality than other brand.

That is why I bought a MacBook. I've two right now. I understand that changing from PowerPC to Intel is very challenge for you. So I don't mind if there is a problem with my machine but when there is a case. I want a judge, fairness judge. I've claim many components inside my machine. (The well-known Randomly Shutdown Syndrome, case breaking, monitor flicking) But hey, is that too much? OK, again, I understand.

What is really annoy me? When I face with technicians at Apple Authorized Service Provider, they know me (because of a lot of hardware issues). Sometimes they can identify the problem and claim the component but some are not. For example, my machine got broke at its bottom case. Service Provider A says, we cannot change this for you because it is not a defect. Service Provider B says, change it because it is a defect!

Hey, what up there? The different service provider judge the same issue differently! If I know only one Service Provider,will I get a broken machine a whole life? They both say, they judge on behalf of Apple but is this correct? I think you (Apple) should actively involve more in this judging process. The service provider should only service (change, consult) a part but Apple should give them a command to do a thing because I cannot trust what they judge (from an example mentioned).

Please, please, I don't want to say that I want Apple Store in Thailand (for now). I just want only a fair judge from Apple. A judge for conducting with a defect component. A single standard. A word from Apple, not service provider.

PS. If you (Apple) think that Thailand should have Apple Store, that is fine. (Just hope, just imagine about more new services+quality available) But for this whole story, I don't need a store, I need only genius bar (not a sort of Smart bar in some of Apple Premium Authorized Reseller). :)