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Apple, listen to my complaining about iPod nano 3G

Submitted by ezybzy on

I start this entry because of iPod nano time format bug and also include a classic issue for Thai language support in iPod.

I am in Thailand and very familiar with 24-hour time format. Luckily, iPod nano 3G has this function but it doesn't complete!

I set the clock (also time zone to Bangkok) to an appropriate time here in Bangkok (e.g. 18:35). When it display its screen saver, it shows 6:35 without AM or PM. It is really bad that it can show only 12-hour time format in the screen saver. Fix it please!

Last issue, Thai font. I would say it is a bug to not include Thai characters in Podium Sans, the default iPod font. I don't know whether is that too difficult or spending so much R&D to design Thai characters for using in iPod. Here in Thailand, we (used to) have one third party develop this Thai font hacked. It successes by using the “free” third party application named, “iPod Wizard” to change resources in iPod firmware. That is not free for iPod user in Thailand. That third party charges every people in Thailand who which to use Thai in their iPod. (OK, they give it free a single chance for every iPods sold by reseller in Thailand but other aren't.) If user unintentionally updates their iPod firmware to the latest as “Apple” recommended, he will lost Thai support and recharge with the old firmware again!

The situation goes bad since iPod nano 2G that “iPod Wizard” developers cannot hack its firmware. That is why there is no Thai font in iPod nano 2G (and so the sales decrease?).

Recently, there is a introduction to iPod Touch in Thailand. Apple Southeast Asia (Thailand) Pte. hold a press conference and Mr. EY Eyo, Senior Manager – iPod Product Marketing, came to this venue. One question is asked, “Neither iPod classic, iPod nano, nor iPod touch supports Thai language. Will that affect sales in Thailand?”. He answered, “It may affect but for their quality and technology inside, people still buy them.”. I think he is a “threat” of Apple. From his answer, we think that he (Apple) thinks about us like a donkey. He doesn't give fame to us, a loyal customer. If I were you, I would fire him. He destroys an Apple image that doing a good, quality product for consumer. As I say, is it so difficult to develop Thai characters and built-in to iPod? One of manager of Apple in Thailand said that, there were about 100,000 iPods in Thailand. Isn't that enough to add Thai font for Thai consumers? I won't say we need localize iPod here. We get very bad experience with localized version software. We just want reading (and writing if possible) Thai properly only. iPod consumers have knowledge enough to understand an English menu (don't localize an misunderstand Thai menu for us!).

You can read other petition about Thai language support in iPod at .

Thanks for listening. I hope you can fix this for me (and us).

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