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What I've known about iPhone

Submitted by ezybzy on

This is what I've grabbed over an internet about an  iPhone.

  • There are 2 categories of iPhone: a no-locked and a locked (and a derived unlocked).
  • To remove locking, I think there is something vary with iTunes.
  • A no-locked iPhone is possible to be on sale if Apple decides not to lock itself with an exclusive carrier.
  • An IMEI locked down is one possible way to locked iPhone. It may be illegal in some European countries if Apple uses this trick again when further firmware updates arrive. (I think a lot of suing to come soon!)
  • I think, iPhones displayed at a London event are “no-locked”.
  • Apple uses iPhone to drive Web 2.0 application. A native application is possible depending on how open Apple is.
  • From my experience, I like how the iPhone works. It is a truly revolution for Handheld devices.
  • Four models of iPhone occur when 1.0.2 firmware released.
  • Actually, there is something with Restore/Update process. Hence, a no-locked phone remains no-locked.
  • Even you've 1.0.2 firmware, you can still get 0049 IMEI number! (Just discover. Later find out that, it is because of an unlock tool.)