iPod touch in 3rd world countries software upgrade?

Submitted by ezybzy on Wed, 2008-01-16 - 14:37

This will be filed to Apple soon.

How about software upgrade for Non iTunes Music Store countries?

From Macworld 2008 keynote address, Mr.Jobs said that iPhone and iPod touch shared the same system. The software for iPhone can work with iPod touch. Then he announced that 5 iPhone applications (Mail, Map, Stock, Note, and Weather) were available for new iPod touch available in the store. Then he said that an upgrade cost for existing iPod touch was $20.

That is cool if there is iTunes Music Store in your country. The owners of iPod touch can pay for software upgrade and get what they want. But in country like Thailand, there is no iTunes Music Store here. How can iPod touch owner in Thailand get an upgrade? How customers deal with stocked iPod touch (surely they don't know whether they will get the upgrade)? Please provide a way for us to do upgrade!

iPod touch is a worldwide product not an iTunes Music Store countries only product.